Rebuild ledger balances

From System, select the Rebuild Ledger Balances tab..

Note: We recommend that you rebuild ledger balances only when necessary. This process recalculates all fields in Financials and can take some time.

Things to consider

If you choose to rebuild the ledger balances, note the following important information:

  • Consult with a Sage support agent before rebuilding ledger balances.
  • Current ledger balances for each period or fiscal year are deleted. New ledger balances are created based on the ledger information in Financials.
  • Financials is "locked" during the rebuild process. No posting or other transactions are allowed.
  • Take a backup of your Financials data before you rebuild ledger balances:
    1. Click > Setup.
    2. In the Quick Find box, type "Data Export", then click the Data Export option.
    3. Click Export Now.
  • Because backups are limited to once a week, you should also complete a settings export.
  • If you have a large dataset, you can

    • Run one batch per company and fiscal year

    • Run only in current company

  • You'll receive an email when the rebuild process is complete.

Rebuild ledger balances

  1. From System, select the Rebuild Balances tab.
  2. The process will run for all companies by and all financial years by default.
    1. To run for a single company, select the company from the All Companies drop-down.
    2. To run for a single financial year, select the year from the All Financial Years drop-down.
  3. Select Rebuild.

Unlock and lock Ledger

Consult with a support agent before using Unlock Ledger and Lock Ledger.

  • Use Unlock Ledger if the ledger remains locked after rebuilding ledger balances. In rare cases, this may occur during the ledger rebuilding process.
  • Use Lock Ledger to prevent posting to the ledger.